Proficient Security understands the importance of logistics to your business. The organisation, timely delivery, efficient support and implementation of projects, people materials and equipment are key to time-sensitive contracts operating within strict budgetary constraints.

    Operational capability and project management is something Proficient Security has mastered over years‘ of working on some of the UK’s most sensitive critical national infrastructure and construction projects. We have the expertise and the pedigree to successfully operate in complex logistical situations that require agile solutions and rigorous project management.

    Every project presents unique and challenging logistical issues. Our ability to plan and continually test adjust organisational solutions across areas such as transport, storage, vertical and horizontal material movement and people flow delivers peace of mind to our clients.

    Our specialist logistical service capabilities include:

    • Delivery Management
    • Material Distribution
    • Security
    • Traffic  Management
    • Waste Management
    • Fire Management
    • Construction Support Services
    • Site  Establishment & Accomodation
    • Consolidation Centres
    • Communication Tools