Close Protection Training & Operations

    The course is the most comprehensive bodyguard training available to the commercial market, providing delegates with the relevant advanced skill sets. This is held over a fourteen (14) day consecutive period covering relevant operational procedures to both executive protection and complex environments.

    The course comprises of theory and practical lessons within the working ethos. Many try to imitate, but fall short as they do not have the proficient name attached with their training remits. Proficient security are at the forefront of close protection and hostile environment training, delivering a comprehensive package of skills delivered in a diverse range of environments at its dedicated training facility’s. The course covers all aspects stipulated by the security industry authority, but due to our commitment in higher training than industry standard we include an advanced surveillance package and a hostile/complex environment module. This is essential for hostile enviroment close protection operatives (H.E.C.P.O) operating in challenging theatres overseas. This culminates in close quarter combat (C.Q.C) using aspects of many defence techniques from krav maga to kubotan,weapons defence and evasive techniques.

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