Hostile Environment Training & Operations

    Due to the risk and threat of complex environments and the detrimental impact and effect it can have on reputation, businesses and most importantly personal security.

    Proficient security offer bespoke courses tailored to meet the client’s needs, setting a benchmark in hostile environment training that revolves around principles proven in the field of operation. continual development is a must when working as a contractor, member of the media or aid agency, as continually risk assessing their safety will often show complacency when overexposed to risk.

    Training covers all aspects from cultural awareness and gender specific considerations with the emphasis on empowering the individual to reduce the risks faced. (Prevention not cure) drawing on intelligence analysis from current regions of unrest and potentially volatile areas around the world. The course content goes from pre-plan to reduce risks on all aspects of movements to mine,ied,vbied awareness,kidnap,weapons and ballistics to medical training of specific needs to operational environment.