Security Services

    Being rated in the top 2% of ACS accredited security companies in the UK after a recent SIA Audit; our quality of service to our customers is of paramount concern to Proficient Security Ltd.

    As a service provider we stand or fall by our reputation. We think that this is best displayed by the fact that our client base is willing to recommend us to their personal network, enabling us to grow organically over the years.

    Our Managers are inspirational and committed; they lead from the front, always able and willing to work proactively in the provision of your service.

    Quality matters and it is the established policy of Proficient Security Ltd to operate a Quality Assurance System that will meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 / BS 7499:2007 / BS 7858: 2006/ BS 7960: 2005 and other applicable Codes of Practice for our industry. We supply a service which exceeds our clients’ needs at the most cost effective level to achieve complete satisfaction.